What’s in an object?


In the fully redesigned 2017 issue of our annual Directions Magazine, we asked four of our favorite artists, thinkers and influencers to send us a memento from their travels and to tell us how it reminds them of a meaningful experience. Here’s an excerpt, featuring  James O’Reilly, co-founder of innovative workspace collective NeueHouse.

James O’Reilly, NeueHouse

“I received this leather laptop folio from my parents on a trip back to my hometown of Dublin. It keeps them top of mind, which is a nice comfort, given that I live in New York many miles from home. Beyond the emotional connection I have to it, it resonates on a deeper level in the context of a world so saturated by technology, which often feels cold, sterile, and all too precise. 

“This memento represents an analogue age, displaying the warm blemishes of use — the patina of time. Unlike the throwaway culture of fast fashion and the increased pace of obsolescence in technology, the pleasure of this tactile object actually improves over time. Perhaps just as curious is the inherent conflict, that while the wabi-sabi form of the folio speaks to its heritage and a different era, its function supports one of the most powerful tools of the information age.”


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Thursday, February 16th, 2017