Behind the Scenes


The Design Hotels video team recently headed to Stockholm to shoot a short film featuring Hotel Skeppsholmen, a sophisticated eco-friendly cultural hub set in a landmarked pair of pale-yellow 17th-century barracks on an island in central Stockholm that were built to house Sweden’s Royal Marines. 

The film depicts a group of old friends who reunite at Skeppsholmen after years apart and embark on a boat ride through Stockholm’s waterways as they attempt to make up for lost time. Check out these stills from the shoot or see the full film here.

DH-community-blog-article-behind-the-scenes-skeppsholmen-v3_02 DH-community-blog-article-behind-the-scenes-skeppsholmen-v3_03

DH-community-blog-article-behind-the-scenes-skeppsholmen-v3_04The film is part of our Original Experiences project, which captures the kind of deeply personal, unforgettable experience a place like Skeppsholmen inspires. We’ve got more videos in the works, so watch this space for the latest.

Monday, February 27th, 2017