Lifestyle Temple Les Bains


Not content resting on its legendary laurels, Les Bains in Paris has launched an e-commerce shop, as well as the brick and mortar concept store, La Boutique Les Bains. More than simply a hotel, the new incarnation of Les Bains has established itself in the French capital as a social hub where international innovators, creatives, and artists come together. First created in 1885, Les Bains Guerbois fast became the most renowned and prestigious private bathhouse, and reached iconic status in the 70’s as the famed club Les Bains Douches. With the new retail additions, this cultural destination has cemented its reputation as a modern-day lifestyle temple. Ooooh la la! 


Le Coin Gourmand

Taking up residence in La Boutique Les Bains, Le Coin Gourmand is the new take-away café serving exquisite espresso by the Belleville Brulerie who have selected a unique blend for Les Bains. The Parisian roasting company specializes in sourcing direct from independent producers, always with flavor and quality at the forefront. Accompanying the signature brew, confections by Les Bains’ pâtissière Lilly Gratzfeld.  
Inspired both by her native country and a good dose of travel, Gratzfeld’s delicacies range from scones and madeleines, to organic granola and homemade marshmallows, prepared traditionally or gluten-free.

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Friday, March 3rd, 2017