The sound of Scorpios Mykonos

One of our favorite beachside hangs, Scorpios Mykonos (just a hop, skip, or swim from San Giorgio Hotel), has just released its new music program for the summer. And kids, it’s something special.

The program revolves around daily sunset rituals—sonic journeys that nourish and celebrate diverse strands of the avant-garde—with each day of the week tuned to a unique rhythm. On Mondays and Wednesdays Scorpios residents, like Parisian duo Birds of Mind and Carlos Heredia, give form to a Timeless Groove. Tuesday welcomes the Deep Playa Heroes, artists like Lum, Montreal duo Blond:ish, and Behrouz, masters of tech-tinged psychedelic house ripened under the Black Rock Desert sun.

Thursday Horizon nurtures acoustic and experimental sounds from the likes of Estray and Oceanvs Orientalus, among others, tomorrow’s playa heroes dancing us outside the box. Friday Ceremonia, with host Monk Veneris, welcomes down-tempo relaxation, the perfect frequency to unwind and prepare for the weekend, while Saturday Scorpios World, hosted by Valeron, samples instrumental sounds from Greece, the global south, and beyond. Finally The Sundays are the latest culmination of a Scorpios institution, where the island comes together for an ethno-electro sonic feast, featuring Scorpios legends like Sneaky Sound System and Kaz James.

Every Tuesday:
Deep Playa Heroes
i.e. Behrouz, Lum, Blond:ish, Bloem, Davi, Lum, Birds of Mind

Every Monday and Wednesday:
Timeless Groove
i.e. Valero, Carlos Heredia, Maga, Birds of Mind, Nour

Every Thursday:
i.e. Estray, Crussen, Mira, Oceanvs Orientalis, Goldcap, Sabo

Every Friday:
Hosted by Monk Veneris and Liturguia (aka Lum and Yeva Don)

Every Saturday:
Scorpios World
Hosted by Valeron Live with Thanassis Vassilopoulos and Special Guests

Every Sunday:
The Sundays
i.e. Sneaky Sound System, Kaz James, Jean Claude Ades

Visit Scorpios’ website to find out more about their killer cultural program.

Sunday, May 28th, 2017