How weird are your daily rituals?

Hotel Hotel’s Daily Rituals project looks at the weird and wonderful rituals people do every day.

So much of our lives are made up of simple rituals, from the utterly mundane, like brushing your teeth or closing the blinds, to the eccentric, personal, bizarre little rituals that only you may know about. One of the most forward-thinking properties in the Design Hotels™ collection, Hotel Hotel in Canberra, Australia, has taken the concept of daily rituals as a catalyst for a creative project and ongoing study of all the weird and wonderful rituals people do every day.

They’ve created a series of short films directed by U-P and director and screenwriter Alyssa McClelland that re-enact the bizarre rituals of others inside the rooms of Hotel Hotel, from Emily Bronte’s insomnia ritual, to Benjamin Franklin’s daily air bath, to Franz Kafka’s ritualistic procrastination.

In the above video, Alyssa McClelland performs her evening ritual of burrowing down into bed, while the following shows champion Australian gymnast Michaela Whitehouse performing her daily ritual of practice with ribbons.

Through the Daily Rituals project, Hotel Hotel has also commissioned articles, invited photographers to document their own rituals, catalogued everyday rituals across cultures, and run a series of live events where invited guests perform their own daily rituals in the public and private spaces in and around Hotel Hotel.

In the following video, made in collaboration with U-P, Liam Gilmour re-enacts a ritual of TS Eliot in the bathroom in Meandering room number 104. The poet had a thing for face paint. Daily, he would dust his face with green powder and paint his lips red.

Visit Hotel Hotel’s Daily Rituals page to find out more about this and their other ongoing and upcoming cultural projects, events, and exhibitions.

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017