Need a fall getaway? Look to Istria.


Croatia’s gorgeous Istrian Coast, with its Roman ruins, picturesque hill towns, and laid-back Italian-influenced culture, is clogged with tourists at the height of the summer. But in autumn it clears out, offering a chance to explore its uncluttered wonders at off-season rates but before the chill of winter sets in. Among Istria’s fragrant Mediterranean forests and wave-lapped coves, Hotel Lone is a minimalist haven in the lovely seafront port town of Rovinj. Like a luxury cruise liner nestled on the hillside, the seductive, minimalist curves of the hotel’s design are influenced by the area’s unique natural landscape. 


Lone’s 236 rooms and 12 suites gracefully bend away from the coastline, with many offering views of the island-speckled coast. Delicate strains of locally grown rosemary, lavender, and olive oil tempt guests into the spa, while the open-plan lobby—bedecked in mirrors and cool white stones—allows the outstanding natural beauty of the surrounding area to flood the interiors.

In addition to its Mediterranean-inspired spa, Lone offers biking and hiking opportunities in the nearby Punta Corrente park-forest, a range of fitness activities, children’s programming, Croatian language classes, and evening entertainment from live music to theme nights. As a newly added feature, Hotel Lone’s ResoLution Signature Restaurant also offers RevoLution cooking classes and a demo kitchen, both aimed at promoting healthy cuisine.

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017