And then there was the afterparty….


Last month, we recapped our annual Arena* members conference, which took place in Lisbon back in September. But in accordance with Design Hotels™ tradition, the grand finale was our annual “Owners Weekend,” an always-unforgettable gathering of our community of forward-thinking hoteliers, which took place over two days in the gorgeous coastal town of Cascais, just west of the Portuguese capital.

Driven by a spirit of togetherness, the event reflects our desire to unite our hoteliers—place-makers and visionaries from all over the world with a passion for hospitality, culture, architecture, and design—with each other and with creative leaders in business and the arts, creating platforms to share ideas and opportunities to get inspired.


Above all, Owners Weekend provided a laid-back, celebratory environment in which the people behind some of the world’s most extraordinary, design-driven, independent hotels could bond, share experiences, and learn from one another, coming together to discuss the hospitality concepts of the future. Click here to check out more images of the Owners Weekend and the rest of our Arena* festivities.

Sunday, November 12th, 2017