A Mexican state of mind in Puerto Vallarta


Earlier this year, we took you on a road trip through Mexico, traversing the country on a journey between all the amazing Mexican properties in our global collection. But our next Mexican road trip will have a brand new stop: Puerto Vallarta, long a popular travel destination but largely devoid of the kind of fascinating, design driven, hyperlocal properties we prefer.

Enter Hotel Amapa, opening in February 2018 in the Zona Romantica of Puerto Vallarta’s  Old Town one block from Playa Los Muertos. The 55-room property is the brainchild of developer David Harries, together with a pioneering team including Antoine Ratigan of Circleminds, Nicole Haime of NMH Creative, and General Manager Adalberto Reiter. The hotel is named after the neighborhood in which it’s located, as well as a pink-blossoming local tree, which inspired Circleminds to look upon national figures such as Luis Barragan and his purist approach to color and form when crafting the look and feel of the hotel.  A showcase space for Mexican design, Hotel Amapa is filled with bespoke local craft objects, with barro coverings from Oaxaca by David Pompa, weaves by fiber artist Mariella Motilla, and artisanal hammocks from the Yucatan peninsula.

Having seen Puerto Vallarta develop over time, Harries decided upon the old town due to its quirky mix of rich history, vibrant street life, a thriving expat community, and stirring geographical sites from the mountains to the ocean. With a strong vision to support the revitalization of Puerto Vallarta, Hotel Amapa will be a cultural hub away from the all-inclusive resorts, where guests can benefit from its close proximity to the town’s vibrant restaurants, bars, eclectic shops and galleries, lush mountains and idyllic beaches.


“We are introducing a new vibe for hospitality in Puerto Vallarta with the opening of Hotel Amapa,” says David Harries, Partner and Developer. “It is important that we put our guests in the Mexican state of mind; protecting Puerto Vallarta’s heritage while celebrating the future with genuine and original design, service, and food and beverage offerings. With Hotel Amapa we want to create a place where guests visit and live like a local and leave having had an authentic and inspiring experience.”

Thursday, December 7th, 2017