A new German talk series asks the big questions


Korbinian Kohler, the man behind Hotel Bachmair Weissach on Lake Tegernsee near Munich, always envisioned his hotel as a social and cultural hub. So it’s a natural progression for him to launch Korbinians Kolleg, a symposium and lecture series that kicked off at Bachmair Weissach in October and aims to tackle some of the major questions of our time.

Upcoming editions of the German-language series include a February 9 talk on body language and the construction of identity by Herlinde Koelbl (pictured below, top center), one of Germany’s most widely discussed photographers since the 1980s, when she began gaining recognition for her large-scale thematic projects that often deal with societal taboos. On March 2, Korbinians Kolleg will welcome Dr. Harald Lesch (top right), an astrophysicist and natural philosopher at the LMU in Munich who is best known for his science show, “Lesch’s Cosmos,” which airs on the German television network ZDF. Titled “The Limits of Science: How Can We Understand Reality,” Lesch’s talk will explore how today’s sharpest minds are looking for understanding beyond the realm of science.

Moderated by the Munich philosopher Dr. Wilhelm Vossenkuhl, the talk and discussion portion of the evening is free to hotel guests and the general public. The following culinary program, which costs 350 euros per person and must be booked in advance, includes an apertif with a sake highball in Bachmair Weissach’s Mizu Bar and a dinner, where the evening’s discussion can be continued on more intimate terms, presented by Bachmair’s kitchen director, Tobias Jochim, and Japanese-American chef, Chiori Kudo, to wine accompaniment by sommelier Marcus Beetz.


To book a dinner reservation, email event@bachmair-weissach.com or visit the event website for more information.

Sunday, January 7th, 2018