Further heads to Los Angeles for a “sunset transformation”

Further is back. After gatherings in upstate New York and Rio de Janeiro, our experiment in immersive, conscientious hospitality is headed to Los Angeles on February 28 for an event that explores the concept of transformation. Guests will take part in an immersive sunset ritual curated by Design Hotels and incorporating a fully sensory sound healing performed and led by renowned musician and healer Nacho Arimany.

Following this experience, the group will have the opportunity to visually express their auras in collaboration with experiential artist Moral Turgeman as part of the global artistic experiment called the Blind Portrait Experience, a quest to raise awareness on the importance of human connection. They will also be invited to take part in individual sessions with conceptual elixir mixologist, Crsto of Le Botanico, followed by a carefully curated mezcal experience brought to you by our partners, Mezcal Amores.

The gathering’s otherworldly soundtrack will come courtesy of the New York-based, Colombia-born DJ and world music collector Eli Light, as well as Feathered Sun, a musical collaboration of NU, jO.K.e, Raz Ohara, Chris Schwarzwaelder, Iannis Ritter, and Acid Pauli, who will perform a live set at the close of the evening. Check out one of their recent tracks above.

More about the artists and makers of Further: Los Angeles:

Nacho Arimany is a multi-instrumentalist who teaches music patterns and rhythms, vocal exercises, and body percussion workshops that enhance brain function and calming skills.

Moral Turgeman is a multidisciplinary artist on a quest to gaze into the eyes of 10,000 people. Through a 45-second eye gazing exercise, Turgeman creates an organic connection and illustrates a one-line intuitive portrait of each subject.

Feathered Sun is a collaborative and principally experimental project implicating a loose number of radiant and interconnected talents asserting their metaphysical relation to the Otherworld, symbolically centered around the Sun.

Eli Light is a collector of earthy, ancient, spiritual, and world music sounds. Her music is inspired by her travels to magical places around the world.

Crsto is an herbalist and alchemist, creating new conscious concoctions, infusions, and distillations that have profound effects on the body and spirit.

Further: Los Angeles takes place on February 28 from 4:30pm. Click here for more info on the event or to RSVP.

Sunday, February 25th, 2018