A neo-modernist marvel in central Athens


Beginning this July, anyone visiting the Greek capital will have the chance to stay at a remarkable new boutique property, Perianth. Housed in an interwar modernist structure reshaped by the country’s hottest design firm, K-Studio, the hotel shares the space with the Zen Center Athens, a unique institution devoted to meditation, martial arts, yoga, and Eastern philosophy.

Situated in Agia Eirini, a lovely Byzantine-era square near many of the Greek capital’s major attractions but off the crowded tourist trail, Perianth is a labor of love by three siblings, Anastasia and Alexandria Sgoumpopoulos, and their brother, Konstantinos, himself a zen monk and founder of the Zen Center.

In designing the hotel’s interiors, K-Studio, the award-winning firm behind Scorpios Mykonos among other standouts, looked to the Athenian modernist movement that characterizes the 1930s-era structure, incorporating terrazzo floors, slim black-metal frames, marble furniture elements, and glass-brick walls in the core of each floor, allowing light to enter from the shaft of the building into the lounge areas. The hotel also features custom-made furniture, marble benches, and lighting structures made of black metal pipes, not to mention an Italian restaurant, Il Baretto.

Sunday, May 6th, 2018