French skate artist Lucas Beaufort brings his
creature-filled acrylic paintings to Koh Samui


The Library, a sophisticated complex of geometric cabins set amid the lush coastline of Thailand’s second largest island, Koh Samui, has a remarkable visual identity, from the video light boxes in the zen-minimalist rooms to the crimson-tiled swimming that looks out to the Gulf of Thailand in the shade of a massive old-growth tree. Fitting, then, that the hotel is lending support to visual artists through its new artists-in-residence program, The Storytellers, which provides four artists a round-trip ticket and four-night stay at the Library. The artists in residence, which will be announced as they arrive over the next months, will then produce original works and take part in a group show in December in support of a local charity. 

blog-storytellers-beaufort-02 blog-storytellers-beaufort-03

The first artist in residence (or Storyteller) is French painter Lucas Beaufort, who specializes in using acrylic paint on various surfaces, from canvas and paper, to trees, walls, and the human body. His art is populated by imaginary characters—kind but mischievous monsters who live conspicuously yet at the same time unnoticed by the world around them. Highly active in the skate scene, Lucas founded the LB Project, which assembles the work of skate artists in support of foundations like Skateistan and the Harold Hunter Foundation, both non-profit skate programs for disadvantaged youth. Beaufort has been published widely in TransworldModzik, and VICE, and his paintings travel worldwide to galleries in Australia, Canada, France, America, and the UK. Watch him at work in the video above, and stay tuned to hear about the next artists to take part in the Storytellers project.

Sunday, May 13th, 2018