Chris Sanderson of the Future Laboratory
on the brighter side of Brexit


For our fourth print installment of “Further Thoughts,” we heard from Chris Sanderson, co-founder and CEO of The Future Laboratory, a world-leading strategic foresight consultancy specializing in trends intelligence, strategic research, and innovation strategy. The dark clouds over political and economic discourse at the present moment, he says, have an unseen silver lining.

“Being in a Brexit frame of mind, which it’s impossible not to be in if you live in the UK right now, I’m fascinated with this idea of taking back control, which was the mantra of the Leave campaign. It’s that idea of how each of us is finding ways to more affirmatively be in control of our own lives, our own destinies, and futures — and the transformative impact that can have.

“It was used to demonstrate a negative, but in fact there’s an underlying positive.”
Chris Sanderson

“In the case of Brexit, it was used to demonstrate a negative, but in fact there’s an underlying positive: the emergence of a less competitive sense of self, toward a more transformative sense of self. So it’s not that you diet in order to become the thinnest, or you focus on money to become the wealthiest. Instead, you focus on how you can be the best version of yourself—being in the right shape, earning the right amount of money for you, and doing the right kind of things that make you happy.

“I think this connects to the journey many businesses are on right now, forming organizations or collectives where everything is no longer about competing against each other, but rather about coming together to solve a problem or create a better environment. One of the most exciting things going on in the automotive industry at the moment is how many so-called competitors are coming together to share technology in order to look at, for example, how hydrogen energy will ultimately replace traditional oil-based and petroleum technology. People are coming together to collectively find solutions and answers.”

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Wednesday, May 16th, 2018