Enjoy the view from these 5 amazing hotel rooftops


Whether you’re in downtown New York or the Japanese countryside, there’s nothing quite like taking in your surroundings from a rooftop terrace. The five hotels that follow offer some of the best panoramic perches in our 300-property collection, where you can take a high-altitude swim, enjoy a meal, or just sit back, breathe deeply, and enjoy the view.


Madrid, Spain

Housed in a 1917 Spanish Renaissance style building, the Principal Madrid blends effortlessly with the Art Nouveau and Art Deco façades along Madrid’s stately Gran Via, while the ceilings, iron railings, large windows, and eclectic mid-century furnishings of its interiors evoke a New York City loft. But the high point, so to speak, is La Terraza, the lush, year-round garden conservatory on the rooftop, featuring cypresses and olive trees, a fountain and an observation deck where you can revel in unequaled views of the vibrant Spanish capital.


Lisbon, Portugal
Among the circuitous, narrow streets of the picturesque Alfama district in the heart of Lisbon sits Memmo Alfama, a 19th-century structure characterized by clean lines, natural materials, and a rich sandy palette accented by cool grays. The hotel’s crowning architectural highlight is its stunning open-air terrace, bar, and pool, offering sweeping views over the red rooftops of Lisbon and out over the deep-blue Tagus River.


New York, United States
Set in the heart of New York’s Lower East Side and inspired by its tremendous bohemian history, the rakish, loft-like Ludlow Hotel has become a New York staple since it was opened in 2014 by hotelier Sean MacPherson of Bowery Hotel and Waverly Inn fame. But its 15th-floor 325-square-foot Loft King suite offers an even grander delight: glorious views of the city from its expansive private terrace.


Monterrey, Mexico
Habita Monterrey is part of the Grupo Habita collection, by Carlos Couturier and Moisés Micha, which encompasses many of Mexico’s top boutique hotels, as well as several properties in the United States. The 39-room property is a sanctuary of clean mid-century design, and its stunning rooftop terrace, a favorite among Monterrey´s elite, offers a swimming pool and poolside bar beneath a cool concrete canopy. Best of all, though, are the spectacular panoramic views of the Sierra Madre mountains.



Minami-Uonuma, Japan

This 12-room boutique hotel is located in a 150-year-old house fashioned from hard Zelkova wood and pine in keeping with the region’s kominka tradition—wooden homesteads built to withstand the region’s intensely snowy winters. But Satoyama Jujo’s traditionalism is offset by a stunning modern extension, a terrace featuring a hot-spring spa that looks out over the rice paddies, mountains, and forests from which the hotel’s Michellin-starred farm-to-table cuisine is sourced.

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018