How does the millennial generation travel?


For our fourth print installment of “Further Thoughts,” we heard from Rosa Park, the founding editor in chief of Cereal Magazine, a bi-annual travel and lifestyle publication she launched with a partner in 2013. The publication, which has been called “the world’s most beautiful travel magazine,” quickly gained a devoted following. A millennial herself, Park takes a next-generation approach to both travel and publishing, embracing social media and a DIY ethos when it comes to Cereal Magazine and its equally stylish companion, Cereal City Guides. She spoke to Directions about how she thinks desires and habits in the travel sector are evolving.

“My generation of travelers is seeking experiences beyond simply visiting a destination. We want to feel like we are in on a local’s secret. Better yet, we want to engage in an activity that you seemingly can’t replicate elsewhere.

“We want to feel like we are in on a local’s secret. Or better yet, we want to engage in an activity that you seemingly can’t replicate elsewhere.”
Rosa Park

“I’m also the kind of person, where the hotel I stay at can make or break my trip. So it’s exciting for me to see new hotels and resorts crop up all over the world, each one upping the ante for what is considered to be an innovative property that is a ‘home away from home.’ I think more and more, hotels will be going above and beyond to create highly unique experiences for their guests. I’ve noticed one of the ways that a lot of properties are doing this is by getting hyper-localized. From the architecture and interior design to the food and the sheets in your room,
the hotels are curating a stay that is relevant and
distinct to its setting. I think in the next
five to ten years, we are going to witness these
kinds of properties flourishing.”


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Wednesday, July 18th, 2018