Installations from outer space


Some of today’s most exciting hotels function as live-in galleries, exhibiting commissioned and acquired installations and sculptural pieces by major contemporary artists.While their works run the gamut, many evoke a futurist vision of space-age forms, neon deities, and artifacts from the beyond.

1 —This neon sculpture, by Portland-based artist Dan Attoe, features one of his trademark sexualized angels. It was first exhibited as part of his 2008 show, “Simple Thoughts and Complicated Animals,” at Peres Projects in Berlin.
11 Howard, New York, United States


2 —“Numbers Runners,” an interactive 1979 installation by the iconic New York artist and electronic music pioneer Laurie Anderson, is part of the phenomenal Dakis Joannou Collection. One of the world’s most important art collectors, New Hotel owner Joannou is also the founder of the influential DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art.
New Hotel, Athens, Greece

3 —The Austrian artist Erwin Wurm created this 2007 work, “UFO,” as part of a parody series taking on the cultural phenomenon of car fetishism in what he called “a clear criticism of our consumer society.” The work incorporates an authentic roof of a 1940s-era Porsche.
The Met Hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece

“Man is an artifact designed for space travel.”
– William S. Burroughs






blog-installations-Atix-Hotel blog-installations-Vue-Hotel

4 —This sculptural work by Gastón Ugalde, Bolivia’s most important living artist, was inspired by his travels through the country’s varied and dramatic landscape. Known as the “Andean Warhol,” Ugalde is a video art pioneer whose 50-year career has helped change the face of Latin American art.
Atix Hotel, La Paz, Bolivia

5 —These human-like rabbit sculptures are the work of Colin Seah’s innovative Singapore-based architectural firm Ministry of Design (MOD). The 3D-pixelated sculptures are a nod to the surrounding lake environment, interpreted through MOD’s transgressive spatial aesthetic, applied most recently to Singapore’s Race Robotics Lab.
Vue Hotel Houhai Beijing, China


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Sunday, September 9th, 2018