The ‘high organic’ style of Sweden’s Gert Wingårdh


One of Sweden’s most celebrated contemporary architects, Gert Wingårdh has gained a passionate following for his self-described “high organic” architectural style, combining high-tech with organic architecture and helping to pull Scandinavian design out of its late-20th-century Functionalist slump.Though he’s known internationally for his work on iconic structures like the Swedish embassies in Washington and Berlin, his most important works are predominantly in his native Sweden. He’s won the prestigious Kasper Salin Prize five times—for works in Lerum and Mölndal. With Nobis Hotel Copenhagen, the company’s first property outside of Sweden, Wingårdh stepped effortlessly into the world of hospitality, transforming the historic landmark building in Nils Brocks Gade into a cutting-edge contemporary luxury hotel that melds Danish classicism with an update on Wingårdh’s ultimate role model, Le Corbusier.


Q: What is the one thing you always travel with?
My iPad. It connects me with everything.

Q: Who or what inspired you to become an architect?
I think that seeing Le Courbusier’s villas made such an impression that I wanted to dedicate my life to spreading his gospel!


emporia-malmoQ: What is inspiring you at the moment?
I keep taking pictures of the ever-changing weather. The fluency of the daily shift of light. And I also love the quality of fresh air!

Q: What are your favorite “secret” places to visit?
I love the Egyptian Museum that recently opened in Munich. It puts beautiful concrete in contrast with ancient artifacts. I also love the freshly prepared seafood at Restaurant Gabriel in the fish market hall (Feskekörka) in my hometown, Göteborg.


Q: Describe an unforgettable, original experience you had while traveling?
I love the experience when a jet penetrates the clouds on an overcast day and sunlight fills the cabin. It’s beautiful. A miracle!

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018