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Jojo Abot at Further Timber Cove: The Expanding Artist

In its ongoing journey toward the frontiers of hospitality, Design Hotels has just taken a huge leap forward. Further, our laboratory of experiential hospitality, now has a new online platform, which just went live. There, you can find artist profiles, interviews, updates, performances, and exclusive video content, diving into topics from new food movements and the preservation of craft traditions to artistic communities, festivalization, and much more.

Part creative residency, part cultural exchange, part immersive hospitality experiment, Further brings together artists, writers, scientists, artisans, farmers, designers, and other place-makers for site-specific gatherings in member hotels in support of research, conversation, and collaboration.

A global initiative, Further will journey this year from the shores of Mykonos to Tbilisi, Georgia to Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood for a series of cross-disciplinary, temporal investigations tied to the specific culture and history of the destination.

Both a writers’ retreat and a creative summit of sorts, Further Troutbeck brought together seven of today’s most exciting young poets for five days at a historic literary salon in New York’s Hudson Valley that once nurtured Langston Hughes and Henry David Thoreau and is now a contemporary guesthouse.

The list of participating writers included some of the most exciting names in contemporary poetry, from Justin Phillip Reed, winner of the National Book Award in Poetry for his first collection, “Indecency” (Coffee House Press, 2018), to Hieu Minh Nguyen, whose two poetry collections deal with his identity as a queer Vietnamese-American born and raised in the Midwest.

While in residence at Troutbeck, the poets divided their time between working—collaboratively or in solitude—and discussing various issues and questions such as what it means to be a poet in 2019 and how identity, environment, and sense of place figure in artistic creation?

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Once a 1960s-era meditation lodge and artist colony, Timber Cove Resort on California’s Sonoma Coast recently returned to its roots, hosting a group of rising musical artists for a week. This group of musicians, including Syrian indie-folk songwriter Azniv Korkejian aka Bedouine, Ghanaian singer-songwriter and multidisciplinary artist Jojo Abot, and Jamaican-American alternative R&B singer Jesse Boykins III, helped transform Timber Cove into a pop-up recording studio, resulting in a string of original compositions, music videos, and an ambitious visual EP by Jojo Abot, which she will release in the coming weeks.

In addition to writing and recording sessions, the Further residents were brought into conversation on a number of topics tied to the history and culture of the destination. What is the state of the Californian avant-garde, then and now? What is the relationship between travel and creativity, revolution and landscape? Collaboration was encouraged, but whether cooperative or solitary, the emphasis was on creation.

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Wednesday, June 5th, 2019