Four floral-forward hotels

As divisive as fashion, floral arrangement preferences tend to put people in starkly different camps: purists, like Tom Ford, who prefer one type of flower and color; hippies, who love wildflowers; classicists, of course, and more. The blooms you’ll see at our member hotels reflect their personality. Take our first arrangement and the equally singular vase it sits in. The handmade “vase man” (above and below) by product designer Maria Jeglinska was created to commemorate the third birthday of the micro boutique hotel Autor Rooms in Warsaw. Part of the hotel essentials collection and available online, the vase was awarded Must Have 2019 during the Lodz Design Festival.

Like the glorious Provençal coast it sits on, Hôtel Les Roches Rouges’ offers a barefoot Riviera luxury vibe also seen in its arrangements (above left) where the beauty of earthen pots and Mediterranean flora set you immediately in the South of France. The monumentally inspired and brazen Le Pigalle in Paris’ once-seedy, neon-lit neighborhood of the same name is a proud showcase of all things local and by locals. Enamored by 20th-century style, floral stylist Muse produces arrangements (below right) in mottled vases made between the 1930s and 1980s. “I mainly draw my inspiration for Le Pigalle from the 1940s and 1950s in creating bouquets that blend flowers, vegetables, and branches. My goal is to imbue this ever-changing environment with a hint of Pigalle romanticism and a touch of floral flair.”

Over in New York’s Manhattan, The Whitby is a joyous celebration of owner Kit Kemp’s love of vibrant colors and rich patterns, as well as florals (last image). “With flowers, it’s always summer,” says Kemp, pointing out how flowers cheer up dreary days and cloudy skies—as well as brighten dark rooms. “Don’t be timid,” she added, noting that there are so many different kinds of florals, people can be adventurous.

Friday, June 14th, 2019