The Design Diaries
— Judith Van Mourik

Interview by

Vidula Kotian

A fashion graduate who worked as contributing editor for different Dutch magazines, before studying spatial design, Judith Van Mourik is comfortable wearing many different hats—stylish ones of course. She was awarded the Leading Design Award 2018 in Athens for Parc Broekhuizen.

DESIGN STATS: She has worked on prestigious hospitality and retail projects such as the interiors of three-star restaurant De Leest in Vaassen and The Boathouseand Zola store in Rotterdam.
SIGNATURE STYLE: To combine old and new and tough and refined with custom work.
DESIGN MOTTO: Conceptual depth that is underlined by a love for detail, richness of materials, and courage.
QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I once had a ceiling sprayed purple. I was awake the whole night after. But you have to do new things, otherwise it will all be the same. I don’t want to copy myself or others. At the academy, I learned that everything has already been done once, but by combining different things, you can always create a surprising picture.”
WHAT YOU DIDN’T KNOW: She has a decade of experience as a professional stylist in advertising photography.

Q: Who or what are your biggest influences?
It’s all about context…going on different trips, browsing art books…that’s how I always discover something special. I like to see and feel something more than anything through social media.

Q: Have you ever changed your mind about anything aesthetics-wise?
Every art has unique beauty.

Q: Describe your dream project, real or fantasy.
Parc Broekhuizen, where I designed the hotel and restaurant. I’m now working on even more dream projects. Hotels are fantastic to design. You can put everything in it. But always set the bar very high, because you have to surprise so many people with it. When your project is finished and you get nice responses, it’s like a dream.

Q: Without thinking too hard, which do you choose:
Wood or concrete? Wood
Beach or mountain? Beach
Modern or classic? Classic
Morning or evening? Morning
City or country? City
Jazz or classical? Classical
Drama or comedy? Drama
Dancing or hiking? Dancing

Q: What are you currently working on?
So many lovely projects including a national monument, the Orphanage in Gouda. It’s a 17th century monument turned into a luxury boutique hotel. The Orphanage is a unique building with a rich history where I can put my handwriting on the interior.

Q: Is there a building or product that strikes you as particularly well-designed or innovative?
Have you seen the new building by MDRDV? The new art depot for the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam. Crazy. Mirror facades are my favorite. At the art academy, I also made a mirror hotel for my graduation project.

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019