Unconventional Wisdom: The Making of St. George

Mirkku Kullberg, creative director of the Hotel St. George. All images by Stephanie Füsenich.

It’s a clear day in September, and Mirkku Kullberg is looking out over Vanha kirkkopuisto, a leafy park in the center of Helsinki, from one of the luxury suite balconies of the still-unfinished Hotel St. George, a new ambitious property set to open its doors several months from now, in the first weeks of 2018. Continue reading “Unconventional Wisdom: The Making of St. George”

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Four hotels defining what it means to be ‘hyperlocal’

Part warehouse, part Art Deco landmark, Chicago’s The Robey abounds with both refined materials and industrial edge.

The time is far behind us when travelers settled for indistinguishably luxurious chain accommodations. These days, it seems everyone wants to talk about local hubs providing locally sourced products and services. But some of today’s most exciting boutique properties, like the four featured below, have taken things a step further by bringing the neighborhood, quite literally, into the hotel. Continue reading “Four hotels defining what it means to be ‘hyperlocal’”

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018