How do the world’s top DJs travel?


Few travel as widely or often as a touring DJ, traversing the globe between festivals, clubs, and parties. With this in mind, the German photographer Linus Dessecker, together with Berlin’s iconic techno club Watergate and the Cosmo Hotel (a favorite crash pad for visiting DJs) posed the same seven travel-related questions to some of today’s top beat-makers, selectors, and producers, whom he also photographed. The resulting material was released in a slick volume titled Sound Travels: DJs in Transit, Berlin 2012-2017. We’ll be excerpting the book over the coming months, beginning now with German techno producer DJ Koze, Dutch-Cameroonian house denizen William Kouam Djoko, and Finnish eclecticist Trevor Deep Jr.

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Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

The beautifully imperfect designs of Dreimeta


There is an old German saying, “He who doesn’t dare, doesn’t win.” It could be said that Armin Fischer’s most courageous professional move came when he entered a competition in 2003 to design the debut 25Hours Hotel. Not only did he dare—he won! This one-time cabinetmaker from the small German city of Augsburg had come fully of age as a world-class designer, launching his studio, Dreimeta, following the victory. And should anyone doubt Fischer’s place on design’s main stage, he need only step inside the playful, quirky, intentionally hyperbolic 25Hours Hotel Hamburg Number One. The bright, youthful vibe that runs through the entire 25Hour’s brand DNA owes much to Fischer’s signature style here.

To create Urban Jungle—a bungalow set in the heart of the Augsburg city landscape—Fischer took great care to craft a decor that stylistically blends contemporary urbanity with the expansive flowing feel one might expect to find in a country house.

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Sunday, May 27th, 2018

Chris Sanderson of the Future Laboratory
on the brighter side of Brexit


For our fourth print installment of “Further Thoughts,” we heard from Chris Sanderson, co-founder and CEO of The Future Laboratory, a world-leading strategic foresight consultancy specializing in trends intelligence, strategic research, and innovation strategy. The dark clouds over political and economic discourse at the present moment, he says, have an unseen silver lining. Continue reading “Chris Sanderson of the Future Laboratory
on the brighter side of Brexit”

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Ben Pundole: “There’s an evolution happening”

For our third “Further Thoughts” installment, we heard from Ben Pundole, who, as the editor in chief of the online travel magazine A Hotel Life and vice president of brand experience at Edition Hotels by Ian Schrager and Marriott, is an influential figure in the contemporary travel industry. In the 2018 Transformation Issue of Directions, he spoke about his own recent personal evolution and how his rising sense of awareness has led him to make important changes across his working life. Continue reading “Ben Pundole: “There’s an evolution happening””

Sunday, April 1st, 2018

Nicolas Schuybroek, Belgium’s master of minimalism


Eons ago, the theory goes, back when human beings first began planning structures, the buildings they designed were of two types. There were houses, to satisfy everyday needs, and there were temples, to satisfy the need for something beyond the everyday. In both cases, the function of architecture was to nurture culture by uniting souls, joining families and congregations into societies and states. Continue reading “Nicolas Schuybroek, Belgium’s master of minimalism”

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018