What’s on this season at Israel’s Elma Arts Complex


This fall marks the opening of the third season of Elma Arts Complex Luxury Hotel, a cultural center and innovative high-end accommodation housed in a postwar Brutalist architectural masterwork (Yaakov Rechter’s Mivtachim Sanitarium) some 60 kilometers up the coastline from Tel Aviv. After two successful seasons, the Elma Hall has established itself as a destination worthy of a musical pilgrimage, with audiences flocking to the auditorium for its perfectly dynamic acoustics. Continue reading “What’s on this season at Israel’s Elma Arts Complex”

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Björk, empress of eclectic, heads to Tbilisi


Björk, the genre-busting legend whose 30-year career has helped bring pop music into communion with the avant-garde, will soon appear at two performances in Tbilisi as part of a musical tour of the country organized by the Stream of Unconsciousness (SOU) festival of contemporary music and visual arts and Rooms Hotels, the Design Hotels™ member shaking up the cultural scene in its native Georgia. Continue reading “Björk, empress of eclectic, heads to Tbilisi”

Sunday, October 29th, 2017

The color-saturated vision of the “Andean Warhol”

“Cabeza XI” – Fabric sculpture.

“The temperature in these deserts is so high, that the colors express themselves in a very different way than anywhere else on the planet.”
– Gastón Ugalde

Designed to be a live-in art gallery, the beautiful 53-room Atix Hotel in La Paz, is known to many not merely as Bolivia’s first Design Hotels™ member, but as a crucial exhibition space for the country’s most important living artist, Gastón Ugalde, a video art pioneer whose 50-year career has helped change the face of Latin American art. Known as the “Andean Warhol,” Ugalde’s work includes performance, painting, sculpture, installation land-art, and photography, but the Konex Award winner is probably best known for his photographic works set against the Salar de Uyuni landscape, some of which are featured in the video below. Continue reading “The color-saturated vision of the “Andean Warhol””

Monday, October 16th, 2017