The science of sleep: an unscientific study


When I could not sleep as a child, I would press my head into the pillow, count sheep, and, if that failed, crawl into my parents’ bed. As a grown man, the solutions for insomnia are not so simple, and recently I have started sleeping in an electronic headband that uses “bone conduction speakers” to play sounds through my forehead and directly into my inner eardrum. Continue reading “The science of sleep: an unscientific study”

Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Paris according to a Louis Vuitton insider


Here’s how to prep your Paris suitcase: “Travel light and casual: a pair of jeans, white shirt, blue jacket, book, and iPhone,” says Julien Guerrier, Louis Vuitton’s editorial director, who sat down recently with our friends at Porter & Sail to spill the elusive style secrets of the French capital. “Parisians rely on the versatility of a basic wardrobe acceptable in all circumstances,” he adds. Continue reading “Paris according to a Louis Vuitton insider”

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019