Further: Hunter Mountain


In today’s age of distraction and media saturation, the hospitality industry has a new responsibility to offer deeper meaning and engagement to its guests. A new breed of hoteliers has followed this command, creating community hubs that offer cultural, spiritual, and intellectual programming to those looking to connect and interact more deeply. Scribner’s Catskills Lodge, an eclectic mountain refuge and cultural hub for New York creatives, represents a model for this movement. That’s why it’s the perfect setting for the first edition of Further, a project that enables the collaborative creation of meaningful immersive hospitality experiences with a social impact. Design Hotels has always been on the forefront of new movements and experiences, and Further is another step into the great beyond.

Taking place from September 22-24 at Scribner’s Catskills Lodge, Further: Hunter Mountain is an inspirational three-day mind-and-body event. Guests can enjoy curated movement and meditation experiences, a surprise performance by the Pathway to Paris climate justice collective, an exclusive 150-person, farm-to-table dinner under the stars with an art installation by Gentle Monster, and an all-night party with the internationally renowned DJ, Goldcap.

blog-scribners-weekend-003-new2    ART AND SOUND

Guests will come together around music, art, and sound for a party to change perceptions. The musical program will be led by renowned DJ Goldcap, whose cosmic beats will holistically relax and engage minds and bodies toward a higher level of consciousness. On Friday evening, a special guest DJ will spin exclusively for hotel guests and the Scribner’s community, while Saturday will bring together likeminded people from the greater New York community and beyond at an all-night party.

blog-scribners-weekend-002-new-2MOVEMENT AND MEDITATION                                        

A specially designed movement and meditation program was curated by Max Vallot, founder of experiential eyewear brand District Vision. Taking place on Saturday and Sunday morning, the program will focus on long-term personal clarity, leaving the community with a clear and enlightened mind and body. Dubbed “the new boys in wellness” by the Wall Street Journal, Max Vallot and his partner, Tom Daley, combine their knowledge of design and aesthetics with experiential movement and meditation curation.

PURPOSE AND IMPACT                                                    

Join our conversation on how art, music, and design can have an impact on local communities and empower global change. Taking place Saturday afternoon, the panel discussion is a collaboration with Pathway to Paris and the United Nations Development Program as well as influencers from local art and music communities. Pathway to Paris, co-founded by Jesse Paris Smith and Rebecca Foon is a collective of artists, activists, musicians, and innovators coming together to fight for climate justice.

blog-scribners-weekend-005FOOD AND RITUAL                                                            

Taking place under the stars in the shadow of the Catskill Mountains, dinner on Saturday evening will be a communal dining experience together with our United Nations partners. The menu, carefully curated by Joseph Buenconsejo, the executive chef of on-site restaurant Prospect, will feature ingredients sourced from local farms and inspired by the season’s harvest and accompanied by live music from the Pathway to Paris collective.


Scribner’s Catskill Lodge pays homage to the rich past of the Catskills region while reinventing the notion of a modern-day luxury retreat. Perched high on a hill surrounded by fields of grass and beautifully reimagined by designers Studio Tack, the 38-room mountain lodge is a year-round refuge for cosmopolitan explorers and adventurers looking to enjoy local art, culture, and the inspiring nature of upstate New York.


blog-scribners-weekend-007-new2Further is a collective of diverse communities coming together to co-create meaningful immersion experiences with a social impact. Its mission is to bring people to a collective consciousness around wellbeing, creativity, and purpose.

Update: Check out images of the event at further-collective.com and stay tuned for info about future happenings.

Sunday, August 6th, 2017