Six of the world’s loveliest hotel light concepts


Much has changed since the days of Edison, and some of today’s most creative, forward-thinking hotels are bringing their lighting concepts to brilliant new heights. At these six properties, lighting takes center stage.

Head up to the 18th floor of the Gramercy Park Hotel at night and you’ll be greeted by the “Light Bulb Ceiling” (1) by Annika Newell. Newell used about 4,000 light bulbs, in a dense cluster across the entire ceiling of a room. The setting is very much in keeping with the rest of this dreamy hotel.

image-02-Chez-Georges-11-Howard-03-chez-georgesSometimes less is truly more. Award-winning, multi-disciplinary design studio Space Copenhagen—and our 2016 Influencers—composed the unexpectedly Scandinavian aesthetic at New York’s 11 Howard. The studio filled each space with custom pieces including a sensuous new lighting collection (2) designed exclusively for the hotel. From the dark and sultry, we move on to the bright and airy interiors of Chez Georges in Rio where a glorious edit of mid-century European and Brazilian furnishings are complemented by a mix of colorful Murano ceiling lamps (3).


The unusual light installation (4) by Asylum, comprising of a series of pulleys and wheels at The Warehouse Hotel in Singapore, was inspired by the building’s history as a godown (warehouse). For earthy elegance, look no further than our Greek counterparts Scorpios Mykonos and San Giorgio Mykonos (5 & 6)—light-filled havens that celebrate traditional craftsmanship and handcrafted details such as the woven palm leaf lamp shade by Tine K Home (6).

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019