A Dionysian wine tasting at Dexamenes

There are many standout features at Dexamenes Seaside Hotel: it is located in an abandoned wine factory directly on the Ionian Sea, and the award-winning K-Studio has mastered an industrial aesthetic on the beach. And, you can sleep inside old wine tanks. Drawing on the hotel’s history in wine production, Dexamenes is now offering an equally exceptional wine tasting program throughout the summer, Kantharos Gatherings.

The name for the event derives from an ancient Greek wine cup of the same name. The brainchild of curator and concept designer Eleni Tranouli, Kantharos invites handpicked creatives to explore Dexamenes as residents and stage multi-sensory, site-conscious wine tastings using performance art, installation, sound, and media. Guests will taste wines from the Mercouri, Brintzikis, Markogianni, and Stavropoulos wine estates in Ilia, each of which carries its own special tradition in winemaking.

On June 29 and July 13, Panos Profitis and Despina Charitonidi are joining forces for a moving, participatory experience engaging with performance, site-based sculpture, sound, and organic-industrial scenography.

On august 17 and august 24, Paky Vlassopoulou will be staging a nomadic journey inside the hotel, tackling questions of purity, proper etiquette, and good manners, in a wine tasting turned into a cathartic ritual of body and mind.

For reservations, please write culture@dexamenes.com or call at +30 2622 025999.

Tuesday, June 25th, 2019